It is important to understand how to care for and maintain hardwood floors. We have decades of experience and want to help you learn how to keep your floors looking perfect.
How to fix a scratch on a hardwood floor
General Care and Maintenance
Real hardwood floors with a polyurethane finish are best cleaned with a solution of white vinegar and water. A 10:1 dilution is good. We recommend ringing the mop out well, mopping, and let it air dry. There are many cleaners for hardwood flooring but all are just a waste of money. Stay away for any cleaner that has an oil or wax ingredient. These cleaners will leave a residue on the polyurethane. Real hardwood flooring will need a new layer of polyurethane every 3 to 10 years depending on the amount of traffic.

For engineered and laminate flooring use white vinegar water, 10:1. Pour into a spray bottle, mist floor, and mop with a micro-fiber mop head. Work in 10 square sections.